Valentines Day and Kids DIY Crafts

Valentines cartoon

Isn’t THAT the truth?!?!

Valentine’s Day. Woo hoo or more like blah blah. Which side are you on this year?

I hate to be all Bah humbug on Valentine’s Day because technically there is no reason for me to be Debbie Downer since I am so much in love with my hubby that I can barely see. I know it sounds corny but it is so true; I thank the powers to be every day I married him (BEN I HOPE YOU ARE READING THIS). I truly am one of the lucky ones who found a man who not only puts up with all my antics, but loves me for who I really am (faults included). We married very very young and it could have gone a different way. We have been through a lot together; deployments, long distances, supporting each other’s goals, sleepless nights dealing with cranky babies, maintaining a unified front while parenting, and of course not satisfying the urge to beat up our kids when their tantrums are at their worst, etc. Despite all that, we have survived it ALL.  I am so grateful that we grew TOGETHER and not APART.  I wrote this to him on our 8 year anniversary and I stand by every word.

This year will mark the year that we have finally spent more Valentine’s Days together than apart. We do have one tradition when we are together that I will share with you all and that is…my hubby cooks for me! Ladies don’t be jealous but it is true. Instead of going out to a fancy and over priced restaurant (where you are forced to order over a fixed menu), we stay home and Ben cooks. And he cooks like 3 or 4 courses too! The first meal he cooked was in college and I hate to admit it on my Paleo-ish blog, but he made chicken and pasta in a vodka sauce. It was my favorite meal (at the time) and it was super cute that he remembered. He also bought me a necklace from Tiffany’s that year. Even cuter! Over the years, Ben has prepared special cocktails like the flirtini, poached salmon in champagne, and created appetizers with dates that inspired this very OurFullPlate Paleo recipe. But don’t worry ladies, it was not always roses. Last year was a bust, I must admit. Ben attempted to make a golden beet soup and instead of buying a beet, he bought a turnip. I will save you the time, turnip soup is gross. The only good thing about those turnips is the fact that we can laugh about it now.

Wonder what this year’s meal will be now that we are Paleo? Expectations are high too when you have to cook for such a famous food blogger (a girl can dream, right)! And maybe this year instead of jewelry donned in that notorious light blue box, I can get new Kendra Scott earrings or a even a fancy crock pot that browns inside the crock pot! Ha, look how much I have changed that I rather get a crock pot than a pair of cute earrings?!?! But don’t worry you all, I won’t hold out. I will report back after the big day, so stay tuned.

So again let’s go back to why I don’t like Valentine’s Day? I think flowers are a waste of money (espeically over priced long stem red roses) and I do not think those boxes of chocolates that you don’t know what you are biting are worth the calories. Either way, both of those reasons are not grounds to completely boycott a holiday altogether. Maybe the reason I loathe Valentine’s Day is it has to do with the fact that I am still recovering from the Christmas holidays. Again very true, but can’t be the complete culprit. So what gives? After much deliberation, I think it all boils down to that now more so than ever, I am a “hater” because I am FLAT OUT confused as a “newer” parent on how to include my kids in this holiday. I LOVE my husband but I LOVE LOVE my kids (of course in a different way so don’t get all Oedipus on me). Before becoming a Mother, I focused expressing my love during Valentine’s Day in a ROMANTIC way, but now as a Mother I also experience a different type of love, one that is more than unconditional, one that is more than permanent and one that is more than any Hallmark card can say. So what do I do?

What are your Valentine’s Day traditions you do at home with your hubby or kids?

The only NEW tradition we do on Valentine’s Day is make cute Valentines for the boys to bring to school. Our boys’ school has a no candy policy so I am limited to non treat ideas and thank goodness for Pinterest. Last year we made the cutest paper airplanes. I printed them on heavy duty cardstock from this template and they were a hit. Make sure you scroll to the bottom for the directions and before you start download the airplane template and the folding instructions.



For the teachers I made them a bee with the words “Bee my Valentine” on it and taped a Burt’s Bees chapstick to it. They loved it!



This year we decided to capitalize on me being in the military and give their classmates those green Army Soldier toys. Since I am now Airborne qualified, we decided to throw some paratroopers in the mix as well. Ben gets all the credit for coming up with the sayings. What do you think?



OK I know I have a lot of crafty Moms out there who follow me so what did you all make? Don’t hold back. Share, share.


Tomorrow I am attempting to make a Paleo chocolate mousse by whipping cold coconut milk and mixing it with dark chocolate cocoa powder. I was hoping I could stuff some inside strawberries. If it comes out yummy, I will let you know.


Happy Valentines’ Day to you and your family! And don’t forget to share your Valentine’s Day traditions, because clearly we are lacking in that department.



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  1. MaureenFebruary 11, 2013 at 7:16 pm #

    Love the Burt’s Bees valentine!! I am going to make that for my kids this year. Thanks for the idea!!

    • LauraFebruary 13, 2013 at 8:13 pm #

      Awesome Maureen! Let me know how it turns out.

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