“Stache or Sash?” Gender Reveal Party for Baby #3 Recap

So as many of you all know from Facebook and Instagram, last week I hosted a “Stache or Sash?” Gender Reveal Party for Baby #3. FYI, there are no fancy recipes in this blog post, just pictures recapping our wonderful day.

Perhaps only the face a Mother can love. Here is our Baby in a 4D Sonogram Photo at 20 weeks. What do you predict the sex to be

Perhaps only the face a Mother can love. Here is our Baby in a 4D Sonogram Photo at 20 weeks. What do you predict the sex to be? Beau or Bow? You will soon know.

There has never been any doubt that for every pregnancy I have had, I HAVE TO KNOW THE SEX. I hate surprises. I have a Type A personality and so, I NEED TO PLAN. This time around, since the boys were a little bigger (4 and 2 1/2 years old) and definitely understand there is a baby growing in Mommy’s tummy, we wanted to include them in the discovery process. Having them sit in the 45+ minute ultrasound sounded like a nightmare and quite frankly coming home and just telling them after we found out the sex sounded boring and anticlimactic. Since I have seen Gender Reveal Party ideas before, thanks to the wonderful world of Pinterest, I knew I wanted to do something like that ourselves. After some research, I quickly ascertained there are a lot of ways to find out the sex of the baby, for example you could open a big cardboard box and then pink or blue balloons will come out or get a piñata and fill it with pink or blue candy (Jackson and Julian’s favorite option), and of course you could dye a cake or cake balls the color of the sex. You all know I love food, I often say I have a fat girl living inside my body, and you all can guess which way I picked to find out!

So the day prior to the BIG Gender Reveal Party (because again I hate surprises), we had our 20 week ultrasound. When the technician was checking out the “goods” or private parts, she would tell us to to look away. Even doing that, took every ounce of restraint possible. It was so hard for me NOT to look even though we would know within 24+ hours the sex of the baby. I give a lot of credit out there to those who of you who wait the whole 9 months to find out the sex, more power to you. I know I cannot do that. After the sonogram, I called my wonderful and talented baker friend, Evanna, and once I walked out of the room the technician told Evanna the sex of Baby #3 over the phone.  And just like that, Evanna slaved all night making the cake balls and only she knew the BIG secret. Unlike many of my friends thought, we honestly did not know the sex of Baby #3 until the party the following day when everyone else found out. We are so blessed to have Evanna in our life and ever so grateful for her playing such a big role in our special day. Not only were the cake balls yummy but they were so pretty.

Getting back to the party, we had a great time with lots of our closest friends. Since we live in Texas and far away from family, our friends mean a lot to us, for they are the ones we depend greatly on for emergencies and of course keeping us sane. We are so lucky to have had so many of them come and share with us on our special day. We had over 30 adults and almost just as many kids. You know you have reached a certain part of your life when you run out of juice boxes before the beer. Ha! We even had a bouncy house for the kids to play on while the adults relaxed, drank alcohol and had fun so overall I think it was a great day for all guests.

As for the details, I usually go crazy and this party was certainly no different. I had lots of pink and blue decorations, to include banners, plates, napkins, balloons, streamers, table clothes, etc all donned in baby pink and baby blue. As for the banner, I found this cute and FREE banner online where all you have to do is print the individual letters you need to spell out what you want presented. Later, I went to Michaels and bought pink and blue cardstock to put on the back of each pendant and viola a cute, personalized banner for a few dollars. I just loved how it turned out and I will be using this banner again and again for birthdays, other parties, etc since all you have to do is print the letters you need and buy cardstock for the border to match the theme.  I also made mustache and bow pins that everyone donned throughout the party advertising their vote. Guests also had to cast their vote on a cute chalkboard supported by an easel. As far as the predictions were concerned, the house was pretty much divided perhaps a few more hopeful votes for Team Sash, if I had to recall. Drinks were my homemade white strawberry and mint sangria, water with fresh lemons and lime, juice for the kiddos and plenty of beer. As for the food, since the majority of my friends are NOT Paleo, I stuck more to a gluten free menu with two types of skewers. The first was watermelon, basil and feta and the second was a mozzarella, cherry tomato and basil both drizzled with balsamic vinegar. They were a hit and so easy to make. We had lots of yummy fresh veggies and I served them with PaleOMG’s Paleo Spinach and Artichoke Dip and homemade guacamole. My friend, Carol, also made a homemade gaspacho soup which was a hit. I just got her Top Secret recipe from her and will post it on the blog this month because it was so refreshing on a hot summer day. As for the protein, I served homemade seasoned hamburgers, all natural hot dogs, and chicken sausages. Of course for dessert we had fresh fruit, mustache and bow shaped sugar cookies made by my wonderful friend Jess and who could forget the mystery cake balls, and no they were NOT Paleo; sorry to disappoint.

Anyway, as you all know the cake balls were BLUE inside and we are so happy. Of course I would be lying if I told you I didn’t want a girl just a little, but I am so happy I am blessed with 3 boys. At the end of the day, all you pray for is a healthy child, and I am so blessed to have been given 3 (actually 4 including my hot hubby). I can tell you, one huge plus of having ANOTHER boy is it will be much cheaper since I saved everything from the last two boys! Although I figure all the money I saved myself in the beginning from buying everything pink, ruffled and jeweled, I must tuck away for later when my boys eat me out of house and home!

And besides, as my friend just recently introduced me to, I am happy with my title, “Boymom!” I am a Boymom through and through and proud of it! It is the little things in life….and I am truly a lucky girl to be surrounded by wonderful men!



Any other families of same sex siblings out there have any other words of encouragement or tips? We all need to stick together.


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