My SIX:02 and Reebok Skyscape Review and my view on Fitness and all the Frills

SIX:02 Store Front in North Star Mall

SIX:02 Store Front in North Star Mall

Since starting this blog two years ago, I have often been asked why I did it. No matter how many times or who asks me, the reply is always the same. I do it, one, because it is a great way for me to archive all the recipes I cook on a day to day basis. Secondly, and now the most important reason, is I love sharing my secrets how I do things in hopes it can help others. Instead of keeping what works to myself, it makes me happy when my recipes or meal planning ideas or cooking tips help others. In the Army, we have this saying that says don’t waste time reinventing the wheel.

A few months back, I was selected to be a FitFluential Ambassador and through this program I had the opportunity to go to a SIX:02 store in San Antonio, TX and get a pair of the new Reebok Skyscape. I was also afforded the opportunity to try on some new athletic clothes. I honestly am a pair of mom jeans away from having a serious problem because I rarely have time to shop these days. Three kids, a fulltime job, a secondary job (blogging) and working out daily makes it very difficult to find the time to go to a store to shop for myself. That all changed last week and  boy was I surprised.

I learned so many things on my shopping trip:

1. SIX:02 can be found in several malls across the US.  SIX:02’s charter is to provide a store for women who take pride in making the time for themselves to  look and feel good! 

2. Within their stores, they sell several fitness brands (Reebok, Under Armor, Nike, Adidas, etc).

3. SIX:02 has well trained employers that can help you pick out workout clothes based on the type of fitness you do (say what?!?!?).

4. Their clothing is organized in the store by exercise activity and functionality. For example, their sports bras are in order from most support to least, which I absolutely loved because it was so intuitive. If a worker was busy helping someone else, I could figure it out myself, although I must admit I loved the one on one attention. At times, it felt like I had my own personal shopper.

5. Finally, my other favorite amenity of SIX:02 was some stores offer free exercise classes for customers and their employees which is so nice. I have attended several free yoga and body boot camp classes at a local Lululemon before the store opened up. I always thought that was so genius because after class what better thing to do than SHOP!!!

The name SIX:02 signifies a moment in time that is referred to “my time.” And I loved every minute of being the center of attention where workers listened to me, went out of their way to help me and most importantly make me feel and look good! Newsflash, I am a mom and I cannot remember the last time ONE of those has happened to me for longer than a minute.

As for the shoes, these Reebok Skyscape, are the BOMB! And no I am not saying that because I got a pair for FREE (which is awesome of course)! I love them because they are light, cute and so easy to clean. I first wore them with socks, but now I wear almost exclusively without socks. They have replaced my Toms. I walk in them and I even worked out in them on an Oly Weightlifting day at CrossFit too. In fact, they are so versatile, that I wore them earlier this morning to the splash pad with my kids after a family bike ride and they got wet and dried so quickly.

As you can see, I had a little fun in the SIX:02 store. The Reebok Skyscape gives the expression light on your feet a new meaning.

A new meaning to being light on my feet

A new meaning to being light on my feet

While I was thinking about my review, it got me thinking about an old post I wrote. I wrote a post awhile back on the importance of enlisting friends to work out with you if you want to be successful. While I still believe that, I also thinking looking good and looking the part matters too. I know that sounds superficial but hear me out. Maybe it has a lot to do with me because I am in the Army and for the beginning of my Army career, I wore an Army Fitness uniform that consisted of a horrible unbreathable Army T shirt and the baggiest and unflattering shorts to workout in. I was scarred, just kidding but there is some truth to it. For the last few years I have worn “civilian” athletic clothes to work out and I love it! When I have a cute workout shirt or shorts, it motivates me to work out more, look better in it and I look forward to wearing my clothes more than just working out. SIX:02 reminded me of this and I know exercise clothes can be pricey, but personally the money you spend on clothes is much less than the money you will spend on health care related costs if you are not fit. Anyway, I know it sounds silly and I am in no way advocating for you to spend $100s on Lululemon clothing or Reebok shoes and gear, but I say whatever helps and motivates you to go workout GO DO IT! It’s a small price. At least, that is how I rationalize it. Buy the clothes BUT make sure you do your part and do the workouts. 

I was also able to try on some cute clothes and pick up some GREAT sports bras that were great for working out and for this still nursing mama.

Since I am still nursing I was looking for some sports bras that are supportive but cute! The girls helped me pick these out.

Since I am still nursing I was looking for some sports bras that are supportive but cute! The girls helped me pick these out.

The best part of SIX:02 was the workers were super helpful and they were even motivated to plank with you. SIX:02 also offers a 20% military discount which is so nice! Thank you SIX:02 you rock and I will be back!

So what is the one thing you have been wanting to spend but have been holding out on? Was it a new pair of kicks? Cute shorts? A new sports bra?  Will it help you keep you on track and workout if you get it?



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