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Paleo Avocado Chicken Salad

I am writing this blog post on our Babymoon. Ben and I went to Puerto Rico for a quick long weekend sans kids for the 4th of July to not only spend time alone but also to visit some of my family. Can I tell you how ecstatic I currently am? Can I tell you […]

My NEW Paleo Pork Sausage, Veggie and Egg Breakfast Casserole and PaleoFx Recap

How amazing does this casserole look? Best part is it is easy to make and delicious!

*******************************THIS IS A MUST READ POST!*************************** Not only am I sharing in this post my go-to yummy and easy breakfast casserole that is such a life saver during those busy weekday mornings, but I am also sharing what I learned last week at the amazing PaleoFx Conference here in Austin, TX!  I will start with the recipe because […]

Christmas Fruit Platter

Kid friendly Christmas tree platter non paleo

Here is a quick and easy way to get your kids to eat fruit during a time where there are sweets and special treats EVERYWHERE! This is what the boys brought to their holiday party at school. Very cute and super easy! Make it and bring it to your child’s school, work party, or use […]

Healthy Pumpkin Dip

Close up of the Pumpkin Dip

Need a reason to look like a rockstar in your kids’ eyes? Or look like Betty Crocker at your next book club or pot luck? Make this recipe and everyone will be high-fiving you like you just won the Super Bowl. Sadly, this recipe is  not Paleo but it is still a very healthy low calorie snack […]

Pumpkin Granola

Another Close up of Paleo Crunch and Pumpkin Granola cereal

So do I really need to explain why I am obsessed with anything pumpkin these days? No doubt it. But someone needs to explain to ME why I STILL can’t wear my riding boots and skinny jeans? Apparently I am asking for too much. It’s fall in Texas and it still feels like the middle […]

Paleo No Grain Nut cereal

Paelo Nut and seeds cereal

I.LOVE.CEREAL! I may love cereal more than I love my kids, just kidding I would not go that far but I must admit I do have a weird infatuation with cereal that most people cannot understand. I grew up eating cereal in place of meals altogether, for snacks and even after a meal that left […]