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Paleo Shepherd’s Pie

91. 91 days since my last post. Can you believe that? So what is my excuse? Writer’s block? Work? Graduate School? Family? I could go on and on, but basically LIFE happened. Since I returned back to work after taking 4 months off with my third son, Dylan, I feel like my life has flashed […]

Paleo Meatloaf

Close up of my delicious and juicy Paleo Meatloaf served with my Roasted Paleo Garlic, onion, and Cauliflower Mashers. Can this be heaven too?

…just like your Mom makes BUT MUCH MUCH BETTER! Scouts honor. I have been perfecting my Paleo meatloaf recipe for quite some time now. I am so happy with how it turned out that I feel it is my civic duty to share with you all this recipe as soon as I humanly can. Meatloaf gets a bad wrap […]