About Me

Getting my Airborne wings pinned on.

My Family pinning my Airborne Wings at Ft. Benning in March 2012, which was a professional goal of mine for many years

I am Laura Sanchez Cross and every day I attempt the inevitable…be Super Woman and every day I fail miserably. I am sure I join the many ranks of women who feel the same way. My husband will tell you that I bear the world’s problems on my shoulders and honestly some days I feel like I really do. I try to give every aspect of my life 100% even though I know that’s impossible and consequently burn out. Like the rest of us, I have a lot going on. We all have “full plates.” I work full time; I am a Military Intelligence Army Officer. I also try to stay in shape and be active daily. I try to cook healthy and inexpensive meals for my family. But above all, I am a MOTHER to THREE beautiful boys (ages 5, 3, and 6 months old) who desire every minute of my attention and I am a WIFE to my college sweetheart.

The purpose of this website is to share my story with hundreds of other women and let you know you are not alone. We try to do it all. Even though we feel like we fail every day, we are not failing. It is NOT impossible to have full plates and yet find time to put together a full plate of a healthy meal during dinner time (most nights). I want OurFullPlate.com to reunite women and help each other out. I envision this site to help you achieve whatever your goal is: whether it be to become a better cook, or a better hostess, or a better athlete, or more importantly a better Mom or Wife. We are here, we all have full plates, and we all want to help.

I am such a proud "Boymom" to three beautiful boys.

I am such a proud “Boymom” to three beautiful boys. They are too cute for words (most of the time).

Ben and Laura

My Best Friend and Biggest Fan…My husband, Ben.