Paleo Parents’ 3 Phase Paleo eBook Review

The AMAZING Paleo Parents who we all have grown to love over the years, just got more AMAZING. They recently launched an eBook titled “3 Phase Paleo: Transition your family in 3 easy steps” that helps answer the common question, “how does one transition their family to the Paleo lifestyle?” Their answer…Easy. You can do it in 3 easy steps, “Swap, Remove, Heal.”

3 Phase Paleo eBook by the AMAZING Paleo Parents

3 Phase Paleo eBook by the AMAZING Paleo Parents

I was fortunate enough to get a sneak peak and boy did I fall in love with it. I love this resource because it speaks to anyone no matter where they are in their Paleo journey. For example, my cousin who just recently began a Paleo lifestyle would benefit from the simplicity of explanations of why certain foods are off limits and what they do to your body, but then I who have been slowly transitioning for the last 2 years, can learn how and why I need to eat more healing and nutrient dense foods.

3 Phases

A 3 Simple Phased Approach

The 3 phases are spelled out and so easy to follow:

SWAP: Switch out what you are currently eating with healthier and easier options so you don’t feel deprived and feel like you are on a dreaded diet.

REMOVE: Eliminate all that is evil to include grains, dairy legumes and processed fats.

HEAL: Adding nutrient dense foods like organ meats, bone broths, etc.

My Top 5 favorite features of the eBook is it includes:

Loved seeing their actual Paleo Pantry

Loved seeing their actual Paleo Pantry

1.  A Printable Grocery List

2. The Food Swap List. For example if you used to eat Breakfast cereal, the first swap would be gluten free cereal and later will be grain-free granola which the Paleo Parents provide you a recipe for as well

3. How to Stock a Paleo Pantry to include their go-to Paleo friendly brands

4. Over 75 awesome recipes from their famous Easy Peasy Pancakes to their Rosemary Carrot Mash, Stacy’s Soups and Chicken Liver Mousse. This eBook has it all!

5. A detailed index for recipes per phase and specific dietary restrictions life egg and nut free recipes.

On a personal note, as many of you know, I am raising a family with 3 boys myself and I am the first to admit it while my husband and I are about 80/20 Paleo/Not Paleo, my kids are no where near Paleo perfectionists. We struggle with this, but through our perseverance, everyday gets better and better. This eBook has provided me with the useful material, recipes and tips to finally push us over the Paleo edge! I highly recommend this eBook to families, couples and individuals who need help whether it is from the beginning and it’s Paleo 101 they seek or others who need to be pushed out of their comfort zone and start the healing process. Love, love, love it! Cannot say one bad thing about it. Oh wait, yes I can….it took them this long to make it, as if they are not busy enough 🙂

For more information or where to buy it check it out here.

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