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Keeping your family strong, happy, and healthy. This page is to share tips, complain, and brag about our cute offspring.

Paleo Parents’ 3 Phase Paleo eBook Review

Loved seeing their actual Paleo Pantry

The AMAZING Paleo Parents who we all have grown to love over the years, just got more AMAZING. They recently launched an eBook titled “3 Phase Paleo: Transition your family in 3 easy steps” that helps answer the common question, “how does one transition their family to the Paleo lifestyle?” Their answer…Easy. You can do […]

BIG News….

Happy big brothers

BIG News on the blog today….. I think you can already tell by the featured picture but just in case you are not as “quick” as the average guy or gal, I will just spit it out. Our family is growing by two more feet! Ben, myself, Jackson and Julian are proud to announce we […]

Valentines Day and Kids DIY Crafts

You have AMBUSHED my affections

Valentine’s Day. Woo hoo or more like blah blah. Which side are you on this year? I hate to be all Bah humbug on Valentine’s Day because technically there is no reason for me to be Debbie Downer since I am so much in love with my hubby that I can barely see. I know […]

Christmas Fruit Platter

Kid friendly Christmas tree platter non paleo

Here is a quick and easy way to get your kids to eat fruit during a time where there are sweets and special treats EVERYWHERE! This is what the boys brought to their holiday party at school. Very cute and super easy! Make it and bring it to your child’s school, work party, or use […]

Christmas 2012 vs. Laura

Our gingerbread house looks nothing like the box despite our multiple efforts

Ok since Christmas is TOMORROW I need to get my act together and post this TODAY! I know I claim that I am a busy woman who tries to do it all everyday, hence where my blog name is derived from, but between work, working out, cooking a healthy meal AND above all being Super […]

My Internet Love Letter to my Hubby

Our second wedding

Happy 8th Anniversary Ben! Today marks 8 years that Ben and I have been married. On September 4th, 2004, just less than 4 months after I graduated from college, Ben and I secretly got married so the Army would station us together. It sounds like the premise of several romantic WW2 movies were the couples were […]