Too busy to workout? I have a solution for you.

So this is my first workout post on and I have recently went round and round about what topic I wanted to first discuss. Ideally this page will feature everything from tips to start working out if you don’t work out at all, finding a more active you if you are in a slump, tips on incorporating workouts and exercise into your daily hectic lives, and most importantly illustrating how important it is to include your children during your workouts. I know a lot of people rest on the weekends and choose not to workout if they worked out all week, but Ben and I are on the opposite side of the spectrum. We always work out on the weekend and whatever work out we do, we try to incorporate it with our family weekend activities. Sometimes it is a family run around Town Lake or other times we run to the park and then do pull ups, push ups, and squats on the jungle gym set while the kids are playing. I know what you are thinking but, yes, we are those parents who are working out and all sweaty while everyone just gawks at us and secretly make fun of us. But seriously, we live in a world where if you don’t multitask you will be left in the dust. And besides, it is a great way to get a work out in, have fun and chase your kids around the play scape (hello people, think sprints). Again, we are all far too busy and I wish I had ample amounts of time to dedicate to working out, but the majority of us don’t have that luxury so we have to be creative with the ways we do things.

Lately, I have been doing a lot of traveling for work so I could not help but think that most of my workouts recently have been quick workouts that I can do anywhere without much equipment. Usually my typical workout when I am away from home is RUNNING. Running is an awesome way to see a new city quickly; knock out two birds with one stone: tourism and working out, not bad for a day’s work. My favorite part about running is that the majority of the time your workout starts as soon as you step out the door, rather than driving miles and miles to get to a gym.  And finally, running is free! Can’t beat that. Anyway, as you know I have been doing a lot more CrossFit and less and less running. I find CrossFit pushes me harder in a shorter amount of time than my usual long runs.  I know when most people think when they of CrossFit, they think you have to go to some pretentious CrossFit gym (aka “Box”) and lift heavy bars above your head, do a billion pull ups, and of course be dressed head to toe in Lululemon. Now don’t me wrong, CrossFit has a lot of that too (especially the Lulu-Lollipop which is what Jackson refers to it) but the workouts I do when I travel involve no weights and are quick and intense. There are hundreds of websites out there on the web if you typed “travel WODs” (workout of the day) that will give you pages and pages of WODs to do but below are my two favorite workouts.


10 Minute AMRAP (As many rounds as possible):

10 push ups

20 squats

– Basically alternate between 10 push ups and 20 squats doing as many rounds as you can. Sometimes I break it up into two 5 minute intervals so I can guarantee I can do 50 push ups and 100 squats in each segment.


Another favorite:

10 Rounds for Time:

10 Push ups

Run 100 meters

– So you knock out 10 push ups then run 100 meters, on the other side do 10 push ups and run back to start. Keep repeating till you complete 20 iterations.


Let’s be honest guys it isn’t fancy and yet it smokes me every time. What I love about these workouts is it is simple and can be done anywhere so there is no excuse where you can’t squeeze in a little workout and get your heart rate going. If you are weaker on the push ups, start on your knees and slowly work your way up. You will surprised doing these workouts even twice a week will improve your push ups immensely.

And just for good measure, last time I did a travel WOD we were home with the kids. Jackson wanted to work out too but he decided regular push ups were too easy and he wanted to challenge himself with elevated push ups. For those of you who don’t know what they are, elevated push ups are harder than regular push ups because your feet are raised. Now if you look at Jackson’s technique he is placing most of his body weight on the coach so it might be easier but he gets A for effort in my book. What do you think, does he have good form?

Jackson demonstrating elevated push up

Jackson demonstrating his version of an elevated push up

Like father, like son

Like father, like son.


Too cute. I know people think I am crazy but I love that my kids vocabulary consists of words like push ups, parkour, CrossFit, marathons, etc? Work out with your kids, encourage an active lifestyle, and eat healthy. Research shows kids are more likely to continue a healthy and active lifestyle if there parents had one. So if looking good in a bathing suit or your favorite skinny jeans isn’t motivation enough, then do it for your kids. I promise you it will pay off in dividends.


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  1. amyJuly 21, 2012 at 8:34 pm #

    Jackson gets an A+!

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