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All health research points to the same destination: active lifestyles=longer lives. This page will show you how to squeeze a workout in the busiest of days, accomplishments, frustrations, and above all getting kids involved and showing them from an early age that fitness and an active lifestyle is essential.

CrossFit Mama

I know have been horrible about posting on the blog about my updates with CrossFitting while preggo so let me begin this post with an apology; although I will admit I do post weekly updates on my Instagram and Facebook pages so if you don’t follow me on those social media mediums, YOU SHOULD 🙂 Shameless plug I know, but do you blame me? So for […]

Family Workout of the DAY (WOD)

Squatting with Jax

Like most of you know, I CrossFit. Enough Said. Some people get it and some people think it is strange but I love how much stronger I have become over the last 9 months. Because of Cross Fit, I can do pull-ups. Because of Cross Fit, I can climb a rope. Because of Cross Fit, I […]