Introducing Your Virtual Recipe Book

Save your favorite recipes in your personalized Recipe Book

Create your own Recipe Book

Create your own Recipe Book

In addition to writing this blog, I also refer to it pretty regularly when I’m cooking one of the meals listed. As I was looking up the recipe for the Pumpkin Chicken Curry again, I realized it would be much easier if I could save my favorite recipes to a virtual cook book.

With a little help for my web designer,  I am proud to introduce the Full Plate Recipe Book. You can now quickly and easily save your favorite recipes to your own personalized recipe book. You’ll be able to find that one meal you’ve were looking for with a single click. It’s simple to get started.

Find your Recipe Book on the main menu

Recipe Book Menu

Click Register

By registering, you’ll always have access to your favorites.

You’ll see that your recipe book is empty. You’ll want to click on the link to register. You can save items to your recipe book without registering, but they will only be saved to your browser’s cookies. If you access the site from a different device or your browser’s cache is cleared, you’ll lose all your recipes. Registering is easy and free, and it will ensure you always have access to your favorite recipes.

 Registering is quick and easy

Register screen

Tip: User your email address as your username.

Just fill out the simple form and you’re done. I recommend using your email address as you username, then you won’t have to remember another username for another site. Click register and you’re done.

You’ll then have to log in with the credentials you just set up.

You’ll see your profile, which you can edit if you’d like. You can change your display name, email, and password.

One thing I highly suggest is signing up for a free Gravatar (a global avatar). This allows you to have a custom picture show up whenever you comment on this blog and lots of others. Just be sure to use the same email for both Our Full Plate and Gravatar.

Get a Gravtar

Click here to set up a free Gravatar like this!

Now you’re ready to rock

The rest is a piece of cake. Simply find the recipes you like and want to save. At the bottom of the recipe, you’ll see a link to add it to your recipe book.

Add to Recipe Book

Look for this link.

Now, when you go to your recipe book, you’ll see all your favorite meals.

See the most popular recipes

Most Popular Recipes

See what other people are adding to their recipe books.

I’ve even added a list that displays the recipes that get added to the most recipe books. Look for it on the right side of the site. The numbers in parenthesis are the times someone has added that particular recipe to their cook book. Check out everyone’s favorites!

Please give it a shot and let me know how it works. If you have any other suggestions for the site, please let me know too and I’ll get my web guy on it. Good thing he works for food.

Enjoy. Start saving those recipes!

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See your Recipe Book.

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