Healthy Halloween DIY Pumpkin Vegetable Tray

Happy Halloween Everyone! I don’t know about you all, but this girl is considering today a bona fide CHEAT DAY! How much do you want to bet me that I will eat everything BUT paleo today? All the Reese’s Peanut Buttercups I can stomach! Ha, challenge accepted.

Last night I stayed up late trying to come up with a cute healthy snack to bring to Jackson and Julian’s Halloween Party at school today. Last year I made this and it was a hit. This year I think I might get an A for presentation but the kids are going to pass on the carrots and go for the candy! What do you think? I shouldn’t take it personal, I would too. But either way, make it! It is good to give your kids options and personally I will use it as a bribing tool. Eat two carrots and you can have 1 M&M! That’s fair?!?!?!

Healthy Halloween Vegetables Pumpkin

Healthy Halloween Vegetable DIY Pumpkin

Two Healthy Halloween Pumpkin Vegetables

The one on the left is confused. Halloween isn’t supposed to be healthy?


20-30 carrots (for Pumpkin flesh)

8-10 cucumber slices (for grass)

10-15 red seedless grapes, olives, etc (for eyes and mouth)

1 broccoli (for Stem)



1. Copy the damn picture!

2. Can serve with hummus or any other veggie dip of your choice! Enjoy and bask in the glory of you being Martha Stewart for the day!


I couldn’t finish this post without including a picture of my cute offspring in their Halloween Costumes considering this is probably the last year that I can control what they are for Halloween. After this, I am sure our Halloweens will be full of Supermans, Spidermans, and draculas.

Here is a picture of my DINO-MITE prehistoric Julian-saurus and Tyrannosaurus Jax for Halloween. Their costumes were homemade but not homemade in this HOME per say. Thank God for Etsy. These tails were too cute to pass up. The sweatshirt was made my wonderful High School Friend, Trish, who has three beautiful kids of her own and still had time to help this damsel in distress. She followed this “simple” tutorial. Again, I think I have proven I can cook my way out of anything, but sewing I’d be dead!

So cute my dinosaurs

My Dinosaur Boys and their “Homemade” Costumes (not made from THIS home)

View of thier Spikes dino tails

Another view of the costume at our local Halloween Parade. Yes they are wearing shorts! Remember it’s Texas Ya’ll. It was bad enough I made them wear the sweatshirts the whole time. If you look closely they are looking at a pet pig on a leash. Only in Austin!

Family Halloween Picture 2012

And just for fun…Cross Family Halloween 2012

Cross Brothers Choke Hold

Cross Borthers’ Choke Hold. Maybe next year they can go as WWE Wrestlers.

As for me, as I mentioned above, I may be eating all the calories and carbs I want today but I will be working SOME of it off. Today we have an 80s themed WOD at our CrossFit Gym. Here is what our warm up will look like. I am coming as Jane Fonda, with leotard and leg warmers and all. I don’t know if I will be that adventurous and post pictures; we will see if you are lucky. Happy Halloween!

Do you all have any neat traditions you do or yummy food you make for Halloween? Please share!



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