Green Chile Chicken

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I couldn’t resist and post another crock pot fave in Casa Cross. Tomorrow I will post about the grain substitutions for sure.

Bon appetit and keep those plates full!

Green Chile Chicken


1 package of chicken breasts, fat cut off
1 jar of the Goya’s Medium Salsa Verde
1 can of fat free cream of celery
1 cup of corn
1 can of white beans (Cannellini, white northern, white kidney, etc)
1 cup of peas (optional)
salt and pepper to taste


All you do is place the chicken on the bottom of the crock pot, then the cream of celery, all the
veggies and beans, then the verde salsa on top. Chicken cooks quicker in the crock pot and unlike pork
tenderloin sometimes dries out if you cook it longer. I only cook chicken 5-6 hours on low while I cook 6-8 for pork tenderloin on low. If chicken is frozen, put it on high for about the same time or less like 4- 5 hours.


I usually serve this with my cauliflower rice or brown rice will do too. I also shred cheese
on top too, shocker!

Green Chile Chicken Ingredients

Green Chile Chicken Ingredients

Green Chile Chicken in Crockpot

All ingredients “dumped in” and ready to slow cook

Green Chile Chicken all cooked

What the Green Chile looks like after 5 hours of cooking. Easily shredded and delicious

Green Chile Chicken ready to eat

Green Chile Chicken

Green Chile Chicken with Cauliflower "rice"

Green Chile Chicken served with my no grain Cauliflower “rice”


And that’s it folks! It is time like this I wish there scratch and sniff screens.

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