Crock Pot Chicken Salsa

Chicken Salsa in the Crock Pot ready to serve

Chicken Salsa in the Crock Pot. Do I need to say more?

So who new blogging would be so dangerous? This morning I literally maced myself getting this crock pot meal all ready to go. Only me; I can’t make this sh@t up! Here I was going about my business this morning before work chopping onions and jalapenos for this recipe when dummy me rubbed my eyes and instantaneously a burning sensation hits me. I am temporarily blind! Note to self, DO NOT RUB YOUR EYES AFTER YOU CHOPPED A POBLANO PEPPER! I was in the fetal position for about 7 minutes in the kitchen, no lie. The pain was so shocking. I couldn’t see and all of a sudden I was crying and snots were coming out of my nose as fast as the Niagara Falls. It was not pretty. That has  never happened to me before and I hope it was the first and certainly the last time. It was awful! BUT despite all the drama, I will say this…the meal was worth it. I will be honest with you all (because I always am) when I say I was not expecting too much from this recipe. Due to its few ingredients, I was afraid it would turn out bland BUT contrary to my initial assumption when I came home and tried it I was amazed the chicken salsa had so much flavor. Score!

Here is my criteria for blog worthy recipes:

Easy, check.

Healthy, check.

Cheap, check.

And of above all yummy, DOUBLE CHECK!

Tonight I was in the mood for Tacos so I served my chicken salsa like a “taco.” For the boys I cooked a delicious buttery, flour tortilla. I live in Texas so it might only be a local thing but in our refrigerated section in our grocery store where they serve the already cut and packaged cold cuts and cheeses they have raw and uncooked homemade flour tortillas.   All you have to do is cook them on medium high heat on a Teflon pan for about 30 seconds and as soon as you see them bubble flip them over and repeat on the other side and you are done. Now you can have the Mexican restaurant quality tortillas during the middle of the week in the comforts of your own home. I did not know these existed until our old Mexican Nanny introduced me to these and we haven’t looked back since.

Although I really wanted a tortilla I decided to be good and I took a big piece of lettuce and made a lettuce wrap. Not bad for this Paleo Wannabe chic, huh?  If tacos aren’t your thing, you can serve this Salsa Chicken with brown rice and beans, serve it over nachos, or eat it plain. The world is your oyster.  Believe me this chicken is very versatile and would work with any side.

To garnish the crock pot meal I knew I wanted to serve it with fresh avocado slices but when I got home I had a craving for my yummy avocado tomatillo sauce and it was amazing. I am so glad I made it. It is really easy and so worth cleaning the extra appliance.


Crock Pot Chicken Salsa
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
This chicken is so good and so easy to make. Eat it alone, top on nachos or stuff in tacos. The possibilities are endless.
Recipe type: Crock Pot Dinner
Cuisine: Paleo, Spanish
Serves: 6
  • 4-5 chicken breasts
  • 2 teaspoons of taco seasoning
  • 1 medium onion, chopped
  • 1 poblano pepper or 2 jalapeno peppers, chopped (add more if you want more of a kick)
  • 1 can of salsa, I used Goya's Pico de gallo
  • Accompaniments:
  • Fresh Cilantro, lettuce wraps, avocado or my yummy avocado tomatillo sauce, etc.
  1. Keeping them whole, trim excess fat from chicken breasts.
  2. Coat both sides of the chicken with the taco seasoning and then place at the bottom of the crock pot.
  3. Chop your onions and peppers (poblano or jalapenos) and place on top of the chicken.
  4. Pour your salsa over everything and cook on low for 8-10 hours.
  5. Serve with your fixins, scream Ole and enjoy your meal!


Crock Pot Chicken Salsa Ingredients

Crock Pot Chicken Salsa Ingredients. Disregard my second poblano pepper in the picture. I only used one. I thought it was enough heat although I am baby when it comes to spicy food so feel free to add what you can handle.

Chicken covered with taco seasoning placed at the bottom of crock pot

Chicken covered with taco seasoning and placed at the bottom of crock pot.

Ready for the salsa and then to cook in the crock pot

Ready for the salsa and then to cook in the crock pot all day. I took this picture right before the “macing”/ poblano pepper in the eye incident. Not cool!

Chicken Salsa cooked all day and ready to be devoured

Chicken Salsa cooked all day in the crock pot and now is ready to be devoured

Another Close up of the Chicken Salsa in the Crock Pot

Another Close up of the Crock Pot Chicken Salsa

My Chicken salsa in a lettuce wrap

My Crock Pot Chicken Salsa in a lettuce wrap. I served it with fresh tomatoes, my avocado tomatillo sauce and spicy jalapeno shredded cheese. ALMOST Paleo. Skip the cheese and you will be golden.

How good does this fresh tortilla look for the boys?

How good does this fresh tortilla look? I made the boys these on my nonstick pan. They love looking at the “bubbles popping.”

Chicken salsa taco for this guy Julian

Julian’s Crock Pot Chicken Salsa taco. He had his with chicken, the avocado tomatillo sauce and spicy jalapeno cheese. He ate two of these, for any of you who are counting. He is such a big guy.

My second chicken salsa lettuce wrap

My second chicken salsa lettuce wrap. I went crazy on the cheese, it was one of those days.

Julian loving his taco

Julian loving his second taco too. Ole! Apparently, T is for “Texas” and “Taco!”

So have you ever had a similar disaster in the kitchen like my macing incident? Please share your crazy cooking gone bad stories. We should learn from each other’s mistakes and more importantly we can get a kick out of each other’s misgivings. If you can’t laugh at yourself, then who can you laugh at? Are you with me?

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