A Quest For Healthy Cooking

I swear that healthy cooking does not have to taste bad. I promise; I love to eat and this girl is too happy to be living off rice cakes. I spend a lot of my cooking trying to lighten up the classics and substitute healthy and fresh ingredients for the processed varieties. But I know what you are thinking, that takes too much time and costs too much money. I swear I will show you that you don’t have to spend countless hours clipping coupons or finding obscure ingredients to make these yummy meals.

Cubana's Pernil

The Trophy: The bone to my first juicy, Cuban Style Pernil

And time? Well if you read any page of my blog you would see that I have too much going on like the rest of you and some days I barely know what day it is. So thank goodness for the genius who invented a crock pot to help save the day and help me plan and cook healthy meals for my family. Now I know what you are thinking, your grandmother used a crock pot and all she made was tuna casseroles-like main dishes or meals where the key ingredient was cream of mushroom. Over the last decade, the crock pot PR person got a swift kick in the you know what and I, like many other women, are standing tall and proud advocators of the crock pot. If any of you know if there is indeed a need for a national spokesman for crock potting, sign me up! Just kidding. But in all seriousness, dust off your grandmother’s crock pot and before you know it you will be slashing hours slaved away behind a stove and slashing off those LBs too. I will teach you some go- to easy and healthy meals that will have your family asking for seconds, thirds, and fourths!