A Happy Family

La Familia Sanchez

La Familia Sanchez: Mommy, Papi and my wonderful sister, Mary, and bro, Frank

I am a first generation Cuban woman whose parents migrated to the United States from Cuba in the 60s. I blame praise my immigrant upbringing where we were raised to give everything 110% and be the best you can be in every aspect of your life or YOU WILL FAIL MISERABLY. It is because of this mantra, I try to be the PERFECT Mama and try to give my boys the best life possible. Duh, who am I kidding; is that even possible these days? Like my crazy cousin will say, forget saving money for your kids’ 529 plans, start saving for their therapy fund because let’s face it… we, parents, are not perfect and not the best example at times. Our kids at one point in their lives no matter how good of parents we are, are going to “hate” us;  it is like the right of passage for parenting.

This page is to share tips, complain, and brag about our cute offspring…because we all do it.My husband and I are always trying to find fun (and preferably free) activities to do with our boys but we all know parenting is not all fun and games and there are many times where all we want to do is pull our hair out. So please, for the sake of my boys (and my sanity) share your coping methods and the little things that made life a bit easier.