Friends and Family = Success to living an Active Life


I have been a busy bee this summer. Between work trips and a few mini family vacations, I have been all over the country/world these past couple of months. Within Texas we went to the Frio River Country and Marble Falls, and then it was Chicago, D.C., New Hampshire, Boston, Nantucket, Germany, and the list will continue this month to Australia and later Reno, NV.  Among all my travels, it was very easy to forgo working out. Believe me there were days that it did not happen (I am human you now and it was vacation) but most of the days I realized I had to make an effort to get moving whether I liked it or not. Nonetheless, the reason workouts got done where because I included my friends and family to suffer join with me.


I ENLIST YOU…to live a healthy lifestyle! Start Today!

If you are trying to make exercise a priority in your life and need help than ENLIST a friend. Yes I come from a military background and my loyalties are with Uncle Sam. Research also sides with the Big White Haired Man. People are more likely to keep working out if you have someone to hold you accountable. Some of my best relationships (with friends) were built on countless miles hitting the pavement. Another great trick to help you maintain your fitness goals is TELL someone and they will help you keep on track. Don’t be afraid, saying it out loud is half the battle.  

Below are some of the pictures of my friends and family who have made it possible for me to keep being fit this busy summer and this past year. I can write pages and pages about them all but if it wasn’t for them I would be seriously be FAT and not happy! And to be honest looking good is important but the latter is the most important. Being fit is medicine for me and it will be for you too, I promise. I am a better person when I work out. Even if I am super exhausted and I squeeze a  mini workout in, I feel 100x better after the workout than I would have if i skipped it altogether. I have more energy and I am empowered to do more when I get moving. Plus, it is like free therapy for me. What else do you think I do on my runs with my girls….gossip and complain about life, duh! Not only that, when I do go for a solo run, running is the only time I am alone these days (insert cute yet NEEDY children and hubby who monopolize all of my free time). Running alone allows me to clear my head and I get ideas for how to make work, life, blog, etc better. You should try it. I swear the hardest part is getting started and after you are done, you won’t regret it.

Lisa running

So proud of you Lisa! After her FIRST of many half marathons

So my NEW favorite running partner is my closest friend, Lisa, who it was not until the beginning of this summer decided to train and run her first half marathon. I am so proud of her! Because of her training, we have enjoyed spending the last couple months running in the early mornings while we were on vacation in the Frio River and later in Marble Falls. Now Lisa is hooked and looking for other races to run. I swear running is like a drug, there is a “high” you get when you meet your goals! Lisa and I are now looking for a half to run together this fall and winter and it is so exciting. We live an hour away so we can’t train 24/7, but we are excited to run our first race together! 3M and/or San Antonio Half Marathon here we come.

My marathon coach/ friend/ mentor Amy

My marathon coach/ friend/ mentor Amy. This was after the Austin Marathon I felt like DEATH but so happy I met Amy who helped me attain my goal and finish a marathon. XOXO

When I am in town I would not miss my “6@6” (6 miles at 6AM) with my one and only Coach/ friend/ foodie/ mentor, Amy Anderson. We have a standing appointment and although life is crazy and some days I am tempted to cancel, once I am done with the run, I am so happy I did it! It was because of Amy that I ran my first marathon and it is because of Amy now that I still love to run. She was the one who taught me that no matter how hard you train, it is the journey and the friends you meet along the way that make any race.

During my recent travels, it wasn’t all running that got my through the days. Near Chicago, my college roommate, Tracy, and I hiked along Lake Geneva; in Boston my roommate Bre, who is 8 months pregnant, went for daily walks, and when I was in Nantucket for a Bachelorette weekend we had a local yoga instructor come to the house and give us a private yoga session on the beach. For me being active is more than just running. Whatever you do as long as you are moving is better than nothing. And it is good to change it up and take advantage especially when you are traveling. I love visiting a new city and lacing up my kicks; what a great way to see the sights! But I will mention you have to remember that you are traveling (whether for personal or professional reasons) and sometimes work outs don’t go as planned because something else came up and it’s ok. It’s life. In Nantucket, we had a 5K planned the next morning but let’s just say we gals had too much fun the night before and we never got to the 5K, and guess what no one cared!

Bachelorette Yoga

Yoga before all the fun at Gillian’s Bachelorette Weekend Beach Bash commences

Lake Sunappe Family WOD

Lake Sunappe Family WOD

On vacation to Lake Sunapee with the family we were able to squeeze multiple travel WODs. My 14 and 12 year old nephews, Nick and Tom, were forced encouraged to workout too and it was Nick, who beat us during our “Triathlon” WOD. But don’t worry Nick, I will beat you next year!

To me, family is the most important people you want next to you while working out. I keep telling myself I have to set a good example for my kids and I truly believe that my boys are more likely to continue healthy habits if that is all they know. Like I mentioned in a previous workout, working out can be fun and you can still find fun things for everyone to enjoy. Yesterday we went on a family run around Town Lake and were able to stop and feed the ducks and after the run the kids were able to jump in splash pad to cool off. During the run, Ben and I stopped to do some pull ups and it was so nice to have a cheering squad saying, “Mama you can do it. You can do one more pull up.” How could I not try my hardest to knock out one more after hearing those words of encouragement?!?!?

Taking a break from runnning and feeding ducks

Taking a break from our family run and feeding ducks

Pull Up on the top

Doing Pull Ups with my fans watching and cheering me on!

Running around in underwear and diapers

Running around in underwear and diapers after a long family run. Yes, I am THAT Mother! Hey, the kids had a blast and that is what is important. Wish I could rock tighy whities and Keens with that much confidence!

My CrossFit Mentor

My CrossFit Mentor and Friend, Sonya. This was after a Memorial Day Partner WOD we did at a local CrossFit Box in honor of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice

 So most of you know that I have been pushing myself out of my comfort zone and I have been CrossFitting for the last few months. And I will tell you, I did not just wake up one morning and say I want to CrossFit. Heck, I will be honest and tell you that I was scared of the whole CrossFit Movement. It was because of my Bad Ass friend, Sonya, who pushed me to come. And boy am I happy she did. If it wasn’t for her, I still would be flabby and weak. Thank you Sonya for not only pushing me to do something hard but FUN but also for keeping me accountable and holding my feet to the fire and meeting my goals. 

So what are your goals? Have you told anyone about them? Can you find someone to join you? We may be a ways away from announcing our New year’s Resolutions so take the opportunity that School is almost back in session and what will you do come fall?

I leave you with this. I personally am always looking for people who share similar goals. I am reminded of that saying that says, “Birds of a feather, flock together.” I now understand why growing up my father would get mad at me for hanging out with not so nice people because it is easier to do “bad” things with people who were “bad.” So I ENLIST you to find “good” friends who eat healthy, work out and are mentally and spiritually in a good place and hopefully it will encourage you to do the same. Remember starting is half the battle!


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