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I'm Laura, and I try to do it all. Sometimes I even succeed. Learn more about me here.
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We are what we eat, so find easy and inexpensive ways to eat and live better.
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Learn from my first-hand experience trying to raise a happy and healthy family.
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Staying fit, thin, and strong isn’t a pipe dream, it’s a lifestyle.

A website for everyone trying to do it all. I share my story to let you know you are not alone. Even if your plate is full, together we'll find ways to live our crazy lives, somehow stay sane, and even put together a healthy meal at dinner time (most nights).

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 It's an extra pumpkin fall morning in the Cross house. Pumpkin pancakes courtesy of the ever so talented @dianesanfilippo and pumpkin spiced bulletproof coffee made with a dollop of fresh roasted pumpkin (which made the coffee super creamy and delicious), coconut oil, pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon and 100% cacao butter. Yum! Happy Saturday! #paleo #pumpkin #pancakes #bulletproofcoffee #pumpkinspicelatte #healthy #fitfluential #ourfullplate
 Call us corny or cute but Team Cross Camouflage is ready for our 90 minute ruck march with 90lbs in honor of #every90minutes raising money for ALS research. We obvi needed to carb up before the workout. And yes we got a sitter to workout. #dontjudge #thereismoreboozeafter #crossfit #als #atx #every90minutes #fitfluential #ourfullplate
 Lunch after a doozy #CrossFit workout this afternoon, @zicococonutwater, kale salad with nitrate free turkey and about 4x of what you see here of plantain chips. I couldn't stop! Yay for the weekend. It's been a long two weeks! #TGIF #lunch #paleo #zico #fitfluential #ourfullplate
 We (present company included) are losing sight of the important things. As a society we are freaking out over 3+ cases of Ebola in the US yet no one cares that more than 5,000 people die of the flu a year. #flushot #annual #doingmypart #civicduty #medicine #fitfluential #ourfullplate #army #soldier
 A coworker just had a baby and as much as I would like to buy that cute little baby girl something pink and frilly, a home cooked Paleo meal was requested. I made my Paleo Homemade Ground Beef and Pork Tomato Meat Sauce Version 2.0 over golden beets and zucchini zoodles! Perfection! #paleo #homemadefoodisthebestgiftEVER #homemade #jerf #fitfluential #ourfullplate
 Can't you tell this boy loves apples?!?! I gave him that apple this morning and he gnawed on that until he reached the core! Kept him busy AND nourished while we packed lunches and got everyone ready. #lifesaver #apple #paleo #paleobaby #paleokids #fitfluential #ourfullplate
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