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I'm Laura, and I try to do it all. Sometimes I even succeed. Learn more about me here.
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We are what we eat, so find easy and inexpensive ways to eat and live better.
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Happy Families

Learn from my first-hand experience trying to raise a happy and healthy family.
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Active Living

Staying fit, thin, and strong isn’t a pipe dream, it’s a lifestyle.

A website for everyone trying to do it all. I share my story to let you know you are not alone. Even if your plate is full, together we'll find ways to live our crazy lives, somehow stay sane, and even put together a healthy meal at dinner time (most nights).

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 Cooked for 3 hungry men tonight ❤️    Paleo crockpot beef fajitas from @ourfullplate 's blog over roasted sweet potatoes, topped with guac, a poached egg • drizzled cilantro tahini sauce over the top (recipe found on @heatherchristo 's site) • cilantro lime cauliflower rice    #chefsofinstagram #homecook #homemade #foodstagram #foodie #feedfeed @feedfeed #foodiegram #notrecipes #foodporn #lifeandthyme #foodgawker #eatclean #eatrealfood #heatherchristo #ourfullplate #paleo #whole30 #organic #sweetpotato #poachedegg
 You would think having a mom as an Army Soldier wins often when it comes to whose career is cooler, but @crossweb wins yet again. Ben is eating on the west lawn with Jackson who is visiting the Texas State Capital for a field trip, while I'm working from home with a sick kid. Surprisingly, I'm getting more work done here than I do in the office. #distractionsmuch #hebeatsmeeverytime #cooldad #lifeofworkingparents #grateful #family #youdowhatyougottado #ourfullplate #atx #austin
 You don't need to skimp on nutrition when you take short cuts and buy "convenience" like items for cooking. Tonight I made a huge batch of Asian style cauliflower fried rice. Basically no culinary skills (or mess in the kitchen) are needed when all I did was dump ingredients in a pan and stir. I sautéed the cauliflower rice first in avocado oil (or fat of your choice) until warm and soft, then place it in a covered container to keep warm. Then I add a bit more avocado oil and sauté/ stir-fry the pre-cut veggies. Once they get soft as well, I add coconut aminos and a splash of rice vinegar, which you can omit if you are 100% paleo. Then I add the cauliflower rice back in to pan and cook altogether with the stir-fried veggies to lock in that Asian flavor. Once everything is cooked through, I add 2-3 tablespoons of sesame oil for that nutty flavor and viola dinner is served! I usually fry an egg over easy for extra protein. I make a big batch so it lasts for a few days or makes a great breakfast "hash" for the busy work week. I heart cauliflower rice. #imanerd #ikmow #planaheadpaleo #paleo #mealprep #cauliflowerrice #cauliflowerfriedrice #healthylife #fitfluential #ourfullplate
 Back from vacation and back on track. I don't know about you all but when I don't eat the cleanest for a few days, I crave vegetables! Tonight I made a hearty salad with (clockwise) roasted yellow beets, feta cheese, raisins, pecans, pumpkin seeds, roasted asparagus, sweet potatoes and avocado. Yum! Served it with roasted salmon and a homemade balsamic vinegar dressing. Instant gratification. Back to reality tomorrow living my 90/10 paleo life and working out daily-ish. What's your routine these days that keeps you accountable? #backtoreality #wouldnthaveitanyotherway #respectmybodytoomuch #notpaleoperfect #enjoylife #paleo #healthylife #ourfullplate
 My early morning riser and walking partner. #springbreak #southpadreisland #family #ourfullplate
 Toes in the water, breeze in our hair and boys being silly. Just a snap shot of our day on South Padre Island. #springbreak #southpadreisland #mylife #family #ourfullplate
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