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I'm Laura, and I try to do it all. Sometimes I even succeed. Learn more about me here.
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A website for everyone trying to do it all. I share my story to let you know you are not alone. Even if your plate is full, together we'll find ways to live our crazy lives, somehow stay sane, and even put together a healthy meal at dinner time (most nights).

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 Today we hosted an #ALSicebucketchallenge kick off party in honor of our dear friend Jay Smith and all of those effected with ALS. @petefrates has decided #EveryAugustUntilACure will be dedicated to throwing ice cold water over people's heads until a cure is found. Please donate to my friends #every90minutes foundation ( where 100% of donations go to research AND throw ice water on your heads. Proud of all the kids. They did the ice bucket challenge first and then they were very excited to pour ice cold water on their parents! #icebucketchallenge #ALS #nowhiteflags #friends #lovethem #ourfullplate
 Another 2 great days back to back coaching and working out alongside these amazing athletes from @crossfitcampmabry. Yesterday my lats were on fire and today my whole body hurts. Maybe one day I will attempt "Chubby Grace" which is 30 clean and jerks at 125lbs but today after 1K row, 100 GHDs, and an 800m run, I only could manage an extra 10 pounds, which I will refer to as "Big Boned Grace." #justlikeme #strongisthenewskinny #cfmabry #CrossFit #WOD #exercise #keepmoving #bestinhealth #pushyourself #ATX #Austin #texas #fitness #fitfluential #ourfullplate
 Because tacos are too good to just eat on Tuesday. I do live in Texas where people eat tacos for every meal, so no judgement please. I roasted two fresh wild Alaskan salmons to stuff with my new favorite grainless tortilla alternative, jicama tortillas. I also had to make my own mango pico de gallo salsa because there is apparently a cilantro scare (anyone heard of this?) and my grocery store took everything off the shelves that used cilantro as an ingredient. I also roasted fresh okra and my famous Brussels sprouts and bacon which both make the best leftovers in the morning to serve with eggs over easy. Dinner (and breakfast) is done! #dinner #breakfast #planaheadpaleo #taco #tacothursday #tacoeverymealinTexas #paleo #jerf #jicama #fitfluential #ourfullplate
 #tbt when a week ago I was in paradise with my hubby and our greatest friends to today when I am back to reality, in the grind yet back on routine. Here I am eating my #paleo lunch dreaming of my next vacation. #vacation #paradise #2ndhoneymoon #antigua #backtoreality #jerf #fitfluential #ourfullplate
 Ode to the ever famous Taco Tuesday menu. So delicious yet so simple. Dinner was done in 10 minutes. I usually sauté vegetables with my ground beef but lately the kids ask me to pick out the onions and peppers and tonight I decided last minute to just omit them altogether to avoid extra wining and tantrums. Also, if you don't like store bought taco seasoning, there are plenty of recipes on the Internet where you can blend your own to your liking like using less sodium or creating mixes free of any soy lectins. I usually make a big batch and save it in an old spice jar to sprinkle when needed. I served the tacos in jicama tortillas, and topped with fresh avocado, cherry tomatoes and sprinkled a tad of @kerrygoldusa cheddar cheese on top. Buen provecho! #tacotuesday #paleo #paleoish #notpaleoperfect #mexicanpaleo #taco #weeknightdinner #easypeasy #fresh #jerf #buenprovecho #fitfluential #ourfullplate
 Ok confession time, who still washes their greens in a bag? Poll Time: Are you Team dump bag as is and eat or Wash your already triple washed greens? #iamteamdumpandeat #teamlazy #toomuchgoingon #healthy #paleo #Organic #fitfluential #ourfullplate
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