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I'm Laura, and I try to do it all. Sometimes I even succeed. Learn more about me here.
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Staying fit, thin, and strong isn’t a pipe dream, it’s a lifestyle.

A website for everyone trying to do it all. I share my story to let you know you are not alone. Even if your plate is full, together we'll find ways to live our crazy lives, somehow stay sane, and even put together a healthy meal at dinner time (most nights).

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 For those of you who remember, last week I posted that I found these ants (see picture in left) in my @contigo water bottle AFTER I already took a big sip. After running this water bottle two times through the dishwasher and boiling it, I was ready to get the courage to start drinking out of it again. This morning, my boys played a trick on me and guess what I found in it again. Cricket flour is in now, right?!? #boyswillbeboys #practicaljokes #notfunny #protein #paleo #ourfullplate
 This is what happens when you have been working for the last 15 days straight without a day off. Little meal planning and no food in the fridge equals you must pick up breakfast on the way into work. I ordered a big ass egg, bacon and avocado taco and although I ate the majority with a fork, I may or may not have taken a *few* bites of that buttery flour tortilla before I ditched it. #notpaleoperfect #imtootiredtocare #mondayblues #5moredaysofwork #shootmenow #ourfullplate
 I think everyone would meal plan and prepare for the week if they had a hot hubby to help them do it. #mealprep #preparetoplanorplantofail #hothubby #paleo #ourfullplate #fitfluential
 Monkey see, monkey do. Our boys doing overhead squats RX, Star Wars style while watching the last two events of the @crossfitgames. In addition to their form, we might have to work on their egos, since they think they can beat all of the CF athletes on TV. #crossfit #crossfitkids #crossfitgames #kidssaythedarnestthings #ourfullplate
 Not to toot my own horn, but I think I just out did myself. I just made a Paleo version of 7 later dip with homemade plantain chips and it was delicious. It is THAT good that if I don't post the recipe soon you should come find me and beat me up :) I loved how fresh it turned out compared to the other nonpaleo versions of this dip that I have tried. Layers from bottom up was grassfed beef and sautéed onions with taco seasoning, romaine lettuce, fresh salsa/ pico de gallo, guacamole and then fresh cilantro. You can add olives for the 7th layer. I just don't like them so I skipped it. For the "chips," I cut the plantains thin and then sautéed them in coconut oil. What a great dish to bring to a potluck! Good thing I'm going to one! #tgif #jerf #paleo #fresh #ourfullplate #fitfluential
 What do you do when you fall from box jumping and scrape off 1/4 inch of skin on your shins the day prior? Do you quit and don't workout again to nurse your wounds?!? Nah, you get back on that horse and make a makeshift bandage out of masking tape to save the scabs from tearing up once again. Then you do 30 Barbell Complexes of deadlift, hang clean, front squat to a jerk and of course 50 burpee pull ups. #stupidisasstupiddoes #feltlikemacgyver #improvise #crossfit #cfmabry #fitfluential #ourfullplate #atx #austin #texas
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