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I'm Laura, and I try to do it all. Sometimes I even succeed. Learn more about me here.
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A website for everyone trying to do it all. I share my story to let you know you are not alone. Even if your plate is full, together we'll find ways to live our crazy lives, somehow stay sane, and even put together a healthy meal at dinner time (most nights).

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 Getting ready for another week plus long work trip with this little helper at our local Natural Grocer/ Co-Op. Stocked up on a box of #glufenfree Bison Cranberry @epicbar jerky, bags of @inkafood plantain chips, organic rainbow carrots, and homemade local hummus (which I know is not paleo but believe me when I tell you this is not going to be the only non-paleo thing I must eat so I will consider this a win). #paleo #workingmom #army #soldier #notpaleoperfect #atx #austin #fitfluential #ourfullplate
 It's been quite a week and next week will be tougher. At least I'm ending this night with homemade "ice cream" which technically all you need is one ingredient and the best part is you don't need a fancy ice cream maker. The one ingredient? Yup, you guessed it, frozen bananas! Just hit blend in your @vitamix and just before your eyes the banana turns into a custard the consistency of soft serve ice cream. You can eat it plain, add almond butter and dark chocolate chips (like shown here), frozen fruit, coffee, cocoa powder, etc. The skies the limit. It hits the spot every time. I have a "recipe" on the blog if you want more fix in ideas. Look for Healthy Banana Ice Cream. #whoneedsfroyo #dessert #paleo #jerf #icecream #homemade #treatwithouttheguilt #fitfluential #ourfullplate
 It's Crock pot livin' for us this week. I have a crazy busy week and all I can muster for dinners will consist of throwing stuff in and "set it and forget it." Today is my Paleo Crock Pot Balsamic and Cranberry Pork Tenderloin (recipe on the blog). Stay tuned for more quick recipes this week that I always depend on in a pinch that I know my family will love. #paleo #crockpot #slowcooker #mealprep #planaheadpaleo #jerf #workingmom #fitfluential #ourfullplate
 Tonight I made @dianesanfilippo @the21daysugardetox Asian Style Meatballs from the #21dsdbook with one of my favorite little helpers. These are great and so easy to make, even a 4 year can help. They also cook in 25 minutes so they are great week night meal to whip up without minimal clean up. Because of those reasons, I always double the recipe. I also love using fresh ginger. I no longer use powdered ginger in recipes because I always have a huge batch of frozen ginger in my freezer at all times. I like to buy a big fresh bulb at a time, peel all the skin off, chop big pieces or "nuggets," and then freeze them in a freezer safe bag. When a recipe calls for ginger, I pop one out and micro plane the frozen ginger and it zests beautifully unlike when you try to do it fresh and it is all mush. Yum! Happy Monday! #paleo #jerf #21dsd #paleokids #kitchentips #ginger #littlehelper #leadbyexample #fitfluential #ourfullplate
 I hate #ALS, but I love how strong my Friend and Founder, Jay Smith​ of @Every90Minutes​ has become. If the cure for ALS was cooking for him and his family yummy Paleo food I would do it daily. Unfortunately, we all know it is not the case. For now, I will cook as much as I can for them. Studies show there is a correlation with the more weight a person diagnosed with ALS gains, the slower the symptoms of ALS start surfacing. Of course, Jay is not going to sit back and eat twinkies all day. He wants to gain weight by eating nutrient dense foods. If you are in the Austin Area and interested in nourishing this kick ass friend and helping him live longer, please message or email me directly at! #repost @every90minutes "One of my favorite things to do is cook, something I can no longer do. Thankfully my friend (and fellow Jersey gone Texan) Laura from @ourfullplate loves cooking even more than I do. Between her busy schedule of being an U.S. Army Major, mother of 3 young boys, food blogger, and fitness guru she blessed us last week with her Cuban inspired dish that lasted for three days. Sure ‪#‎ALSSucks‬, but having these two as friends more than makes up for it. Love you guys." #als #nowhiteflags #alsucks #als #paleo #paleocommunitygivesback #atx #austin #texas #fitfluential #ourfullplate @fitfluential
 During East Austin Urban Farm Tour's Last Stop you would think my boys would be tired, full and cranky after a day of farm hopping (never thought I would say that). But not these Cross boys especially Dylan who was screaming on the top of his lungs. That's what a belly full of rabbit, pork, octopus, beets, komboucha and homemade ice cream would do to you. It was such a great day showing our boys how food is really made and where it comes from. #funday #farm #farmtotable #golocal #local #paleo #jerf #fitfluential #ourfullplate #eastaustinurbanfarmtour
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